The story of Musikladen 1972 - 1984 Vol3 DVDRIP AVC MKV x264 AC-3 Part 36-49

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The story of Musikladen 1972 - 1984 Vol3 DVDRIP AVC MKV x264 AC-3 Part 36-49


Genre : Vidéo / Clips
Durée : 12 x 43mn
Date de sortie : 2003

Musikladen était une émission de télévision musicale ouest-allemande qui s'est déroulée du 13 décembre 1972 au 29 novembre 1984. Voici les saisons FULL ML sur DVD, l'ère de la musique pop dance des années 70 !
Ce Volume 1 vous invite à vous promener dans les années 1972 et 1984, retour aux stars internationales de la musique pop et rock sur scène à "Musikladen". Les apparitions célèbres d'aujourd'hui ont un facteur de culte élevé pour tous les connaisseurs de musique. "C'était autrefois l'émission musicale la plus connue et probablement la plus légendaire de la télévision allemande", écrivait le magazine musical "Rolling Stone" en 1996 à propos de "Musikladen".

Hébergeur : Seedbox
Qualité : DVDRIP
Format : Matroska
Codec Vidéo : AVC
Bitrate Vidéo : 3 500 kb/s
Codec Audio : AC3
Bitrate Audio : 256 Kbps
Langue : Anglais sqha.png
Total du post : 13680 Mo / 12 fichiers

Part 36:
The Love Machine - Funky Tambourine
Cherry Vanilla - The Punk
Al Sharp - One third Love, two thirds Pain
Showaddywaddy - Dancing Party
Heathermae - You don‘t need me
Dead End Kids - Glad all over
Carl Douglas - Run back
The Runaways - School Days
Eruption - I can‘t stand the Rain
Noosha Fox - Georgina Bailey
Roxy Music - Virginia Plain (LP-Tip: aus «Greatest Hits»)
La Bande a Basile - Les Chansons françaises
Pussycat - If you ever come to Amsterdam
The Beach Boys - Surfin‘ USA (Oldie)
Cafe Creme - Unlimited Citations (Beatles-Disco-Medley)

Part 38:
The Darts/Come back my Love
Judy Cheeks/Mellow Lovin‘
The Pirates/Gibson Martin Fender
Vivian Arden/Faisons l‘amour
Plastic Bertrand/Ça Plane pour moi
Grace Jones/La Vie en rose
Suzi Quatro/If you can‘t give me Love
Amanda Lear/Follow me
Boney M./Rivers of Babylon
Pat Hall/La la jump
The Bee Gees/I‘ve gotta get a Message to you (Oldie: Beat Club Nov. 1968)
Raffaela Carrà/Tanti Auguri

Part 39:
Valentino/Evening in Calais
American Eagles/Kokka (Amor, Amor)
Vanessa Di Selva/Money Love
Timothy Touchton/I love you more than my Wife
La Bionda/One for you, One for me
Lesley Hamilton/No Hollywood Movie
Marie LaForet/Harmonie
Gilla/Bend me, shape me
Meat Loaf/You took the Words right out of my mouth (LP-Tip: aus «Bat out of Hell»)
Baccara/Parlez-vous français (Version française)
Sailor/All I need is a Girl
Michael Zager Band/Let‘s all chant (nur Choreo der Go-Go‘s)
Nadine Expert/I wanna be a Rolling Stone
Pussycat/The same old Song
Pretty Maids Company/In the Mood
Amen Corner/If Paradise is half as nice (Oldie: Beat Club Febr. 1969)
Pussycat/The same old Song
Showaddywaddy/I wonder why

Part 40:
Eruption/I can‘t stand the Rain
Leroy Gomez alias Santa Esmeralda/Don‘t let me be misunderstood
Grace Jones/La Vie en rose
Elkie Brooks/Pearl‘s a Singer
Smokie/Needles and Pins
Bonnie Tyler/Heaven + It‘s a Heartache
Suzi Quatro/If you can‘t give me Love
La Bionda/One for you, One for me
Sheila & B. Devotion/Love me Baby + Singing in the Rain
Plastic Bertrand/Ça plane pour moi
Amanda Lear/Queen of Chinatown
Meat Loaf/You took the Words right out of my Mouth
Boney M./Belfast + Rivers of Babylon
Tina Turner/Acid Queen

Part 41:
Antonia/La Bamba
Ritchie Family/American Generation
Eruption/Leave a Light
Marc Seaberg/Looking for Freedom
Plastic Bertrand/Bambino
Luv‘/You‘re the greatest Lover
Ramones/Sheena is a Punkrocker (LP-Tip: aus «Rocket to Russia»)
The Surfers/Windsurfing
Blondie/(I‘m always touched by your) Presence, Dear
Sheila B. Devotion/You light my Fire
Bachman Turner Overdrive/You ain‘t seen nothing yet (Oldie: Musikladen Nov. 1974)
Boney M./Rasputin

Part 42:
Ramona Wulf/Parlez-moi d‘amour
Rhonda/He‘s the One
The Platters/Only you ‘78
Bonnie Tyler/My Guns are loaded
Baccara/The Devil sent you to Lorado
Renee/Sweet Nothings
Tom Cunningham/Don‘t you cry
Amanda Lear/The Sphinx
Mistral feat. Mariska Veres/Neon City
Snoopy/No Time for a Tango
Karen Cheryl/Sing to me Mama
Sonny & Cher/Then he kissed me (Oldie: Beat Club Sep. 1966)
Village People/Y.M.C.A.

Part 43:
Zebra Crossing/We‘re going Places
Alicia Bridges/I love the Nightlife
La Bionda/Baby make Love
Dan Hartman/Instant Replay
Clout/You‘ve got all of me
Emly Star/No no Sheriff
Jimmy «Bo» Horne/Let me (be your Lover)
Patricia Paay/Malibu
Luv‘/Trojan Horse
Chilly/For your Love
Romy Haag/Super Paradise
Lynsey de Paul/Sugar me (Oldie: Musikladen Dez. 1972)
Teach In/Dear John

Part 44:
Dollar/Shooting Star
Rocky Sharpe & The Replays/Rama Lama Ding Dong
Lesley Hamilton/You gotta move
Steve Collins/Life is a Game
Pointer Sisters/Angry Eyes
Chic/Le Freak
Rachel Sweet/B-A-B-Y
Loredana Berté/Dedicato
The Darts/Get it
Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip/I lost my Heart to a Starship Trooper
D. D. Sound/1-2-3-4 Gimme some more (nur Choreo der Go-Go‘s)
The Jacksons/Blame it on the Boogie
The Sweet/Teenage Rampage (Oldie: Musikladen Feb. 1974)
Hansje/Silex Pistols Piew Piew

Part 45:
Blondie/Heart of Glass (Video)
Gloria Gaynor/I will survive
Sheila B. Devotion/Seven lonely Days
Renee/Whole lotta shakin‘ goin‘ on
Luv‘/All you need is Luv
The Sweet/Call me
Clout/Save me
Gerard Kenny/New York, New York
Amanda Lear/Fashion Pack
Tina Turner/Viva la Money
Rolling Stones/We love you (Oldie: Aug. 1967)
Boney M./Hooray, Hooray...It‘s a Holiday
Village People/In the Navy

Part 46:
Saragossa Band/Rasta Man
Moulin Rouge/Holiday
Bay City Rollers/Turn on the Radio
Belle Epoque/Jump down
Suzi Quatro/Don‘t change my Luck
Dana/Something‘s cookin‘ in the Kitchen
Champagne/That‘s Life
Joe Tex/Loose Caboose
Baccara/Body Talk
M/Pop Muzik
Romy Haag/Showtime
Gibson Brothers/Cuba
Walker Brothers/Land of 1000 Dances (Oldie: Beat Club Mai 1966)
Teach In/The Robot

Part 48:
Al Hudson & The Partners/You can do it
Moulin Rouge/Lonely Days
Patrick Hernandez & Hervé Tholance/Back to Boogie
Nick Straker Band/Walk in the Park (nur Choreo der Go-Go‘s)
Smokie/Do to me
Ritchie Family/Where are the Men
Linda Clifford/Bridge over troubled Water
Ebony/The Locomotion
Clout/Under Fire
Luv‘/Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
Cheetah/Deeper than Love
Karen Cheryl/Show me you‘re Man enough
Terry Jacks/Seasons in the Sun (Oldie: Musikladen März 1974)

Part 49:
2plus1/Easy come, easy go
Debbie Jacobs/Undercover Lover
Sister Sledge/Lost in Music
Chic/My forbidden Lover
Suzi Quatro/She‘s in Love with you
Chilly/Come to L.A.
The Motels/Closets & Bullets
Sylvie Vartan/I don‘t want the Night to end
Wilson Pickett/Groove City
Lene Lovich/Bird Song
Bette Midler/My Knight in black Leather
The Who/Pictures of Lily (Oldie: Beat Club Apr. 1967)
Dschinghis Khan/Rocking Son of Dschinghis Khan (English Version)


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